Huesca Provincial Museum

The Bell of Huesca doesn't chime. To solve the mystery you must visit Huesca Provincial Museum. 

Huesca Provincial Museum houses a large exhibition of archaeological pieces recovered from across the province as well as art collection that includes an important collection of Gothic paintings, Goya lithographs and the work of Ramón Acín.

The magic of legends can be felt throughout this museum, which is housed in the old University of Huesca and which was once the Palace of the Monarchs of Aragón; both good examples of civil architecture of the 17th and 12th centuries respectively.  These are two historic buildings.  The first has an octagonal plan and a porticoed patio dating from 1690.  The second is remarkable for its Bel Room, Throne Room and Room of Doña Petronila.

There are a total of eight permanent exhibition rooms, with a linear tour of archaeological and artistic pieces form the Palaeolithic to the 10th century in the university area and another four rooms in the palace for temporary exhibitions and other activities. More information at the blog and on (+34) 974 220 586.

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