Barbastro Diocese Museum

A monument in itself that displays the artistic heritage of the Pyrenees.

As if each of them were the most important church – this is the way the temples of Pyrenean villages in the Early Middle Ages were decorated, at a time when the Christian kingdoms were gradually gaining ground.  The Barbastro-Monzón Diocese Museum offers visitors a tour of those paintings, altarpieces and gold and silver items, exhibited in a building that is a monument in itself.

In addition, objects from sites of Muslim Barbastro are exhibited with Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance-Baroque pieces, which are sure to delight art lovers.  Don't miss the unique pieces displayed in the town’s renovated episcopal palace.

Barbastro Diocese Museum is located in the town's episcopal palace, next to the cathedral.  The long history of this palace, going back to the 16th century, brings together contemporary and traditional building materials.  On three storeys, the museum offers a tour from early Romanesque art to Baroque art.  On the top storey, visitors can see a reproduction of a collegiate church altarpiece and, among its pieces, the Lipsanotheca (a collection of boxes containing the documents accrediting the consecration of a temple) is especially worthy of note.

More information at and on (+34) 974 315 581.

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