Open the door of a museum in Huesca and be prepared for any style to twinkle before your eyes. Take in small doses of history and magical traditions at the visitor centres across the province.  more info »
Churches and monasteries
Many of the churches and monasteries in Huesca are Romanesque. The best kept secrets of the Early Middle Ages await to be discovered by visitors, who may also dive into the magic of other ages through the religious buildings in the province.  more info »
Castles and palaces
The bare stone does not do justice to the history witnessed by castles and palaces. Scattered across the geography of Huesca, they whisper to visitors their magic secrets and the secrets of those who lived there.  more info »
Monuments and other emblematic buildings
Noble houses, porticoed squares, modern sculptures. The villages and towns of Huesca are open museums for anyone who stops to look at them.  more info »

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