Castles, museums, churches and other monuments

Huesca is a journey through history. Castles, churches, monasteries, prehistoric caves... weaved together by fascinating events. Choose your own adventure and enjoy the magic. 
Barbastro Diocese Museum

Barbastro Diocese Museum

As if each of them were the... Read more »

Huesca Diocese Museum

Huesca Diocese Museum

The Huesca Diocese Museum... Read more »

Jaca Diocese Museum

Jaca Diocese Museum

Located next to the... Read more »

Huesca Provincial Museum

Huesca Provincial Museum

Huesca Provincial Museum... Read more »


  • Huesca la Magia
    Huesca la Magia
  • Deportes de aventura
    Deportes de aventura
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    Salud y relax
  • Animales flores y miradores
    Animales flores y miradores
  • Castillos y museos
    Castillos y museos
  • Parques naturales
    Parques naturales
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  • Vacaciones en familia
    Vacaciones en familia
  • Huesca accesible
    Huesca accesible
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